Here's Why Our Vitamin C Serum Is A Summer Must-Have

Here's Why Our Vitamin C Serum Is A Summer Must-Have

Whether you're just stumbling upon Earthen Skincare as the result of a recommendation from Jennifer Grey or you've been using our small batch, artisan skincare routine for years, we're glad you're here.  We're also glad to be able to tell you all about our newest addition to our serums and that is our Elevate Nourishing Serum.  

You may have heard that there is a super ingredient now available that does wonders for your skin and that is Vitamin C.  Yes, Vitamin C has been around for years and years and you can get your fill of it from many foods and even supplements, but until now it was very difficult to get this wonder vitamin in a serum that could be applied topically.  That is why we're so excited to introduce you to Elevate Nourishing Serum which includes Vitamin C.

Your mother may have told you when you got a cold that Vitamin C was good for you to replenish your nutrients with and would help you heal faster.  This is true, but did your mother also tell you about the healing and preventative powers of Vitamin C on your skin?  Maybe now you can impress her with your knowledge of this wonderful nutrient that is great for your skin as well.

Here are some of the incredible things that Vitamin C can do for your skin as you enjoy the steamy hot summer.

1.) Prevent sun damage - especially when used with the proper SPF

2.) Slow the signs of early aging

3.) Improve any signs of acne or skin damage

4.) Assistant in antioxidant protection which can work to prevent UV-photo damage

It's true, all of these incredible benefits from just a little bit of serum applied during your everyday skincare routine and no one will even know how your skin has become so youthful looking and glowing.  Used in conjunction with your normal skincare routine our Elevate Nourishing Serum can have lasting effects, especially as part of your summer routine.  

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