Hidden Spots In Nature That Can Reset Your Mind

Hidden Spots In Nature That Can Reset Your Mind

The quiet sounds of birds, the rushing winds through the trees, the babbling of the nearest brook, these are all sounds that can give you the feeling of peace and relaxation as you enjoy nature.  Most of these sounds you can get in a local park or your own backyard, but sometimes it's important to get even further away. 

Nature can be the perfect backdrop for reset your mind and getting you moving in the right direction again.  Particularly during this time of transition that many of us are facing now as we return back to some "normalcy" in our day to day life, we may need a chance to reset our mind away from it all.

To that end, we wanted to put together a quick list of some of the out of the way places in nature that you might want to visit so you can be still with your mind and body and find peace in the next chapter that awaits.  While you may not have all of these hidden spots near you, if you can find one, you will be rejuvenated as you return to a new "normal";

1. A local waterfall.  A quick Google search will help you track down the grace and beauty of the fastest rushing waterfall in your area.  It may require a small hike to get there, but once there the rushing rapids falling over the majestic rocks will help you sit back, close your eyes, and center your thoughts on your journey ahead.

2. A bird sanctuary.  A few birds in your backyard may do the trick for you, but if you're looking for something a little more transformative, a local bird sanctuary will brighten your spirits and even put a whistle in your work.  A calm walk among the trees with the sounds of birds overhead may be just what you need to go forth with a clear mind.

3. A cave.  This will be equal parts adventurous and equal parts relaxing.  There is no place that is quieter and better for a little mindfulness then the inside of a local cavernous hideaway.  There is something spooky, but also intriguing about sitting inside a cave with your thoughts.  These are a little trickier to find in some areas, but if you can track on down, you'll be moving on to the next chapter of your life with purpose.   

You may know that here at Earthen Skincare we genuinely believe in the healing power of the natural world.  Nature is all around us, even if you live in a city, you just have to know where to look for it.  Spending time with nature will help you clear your mind, open your spirit, and invigorate your soul.

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