How To Celebrate The 4th of July Virtually

How To Celebrate The 4th of July Virtually

The time of year is here where we pay tribute to our nation and if there is one thing that we can all agree on it is that the Fourth of July show must go on.  A pandemic will not stop us from enjoying this annual tradition, it will just make it look and feel a little bit different.

How can we take this joyous tradition and translate it into the virtual world?  Let's decide what the essentials are first and then we can figure out how to bring them alive online.

Essentials of a Fourth of July celebration:

  • Friends/Family
  • Music
  • Food
  • Fireworks

Let's start with friends/family.  This one should be pretty easy as many states are now lifting some of our restrictions.  Seeing friends and family has become much easier and while we might need to restrict the size of the gathering we can still have those closest to us nearby on such a wonderful day.  Invite those closest to you to enjoy your other virtual festivities.

Music should be another easy one for you to take care of if you're looking for something virtual.  There won't be any big concerts like there are typically at this time of year, but there are two very patriotic options.

  1. The Boston Pops Annual Salute To Our Heroes.  The Boston Pops perform the quintessential Fourth of July spectacular each year and this year it will be online for the whole world to enjoy, virtually.  More details here. 
  2. Hamilton: This most American of tales will be streaming on Disney Plus and is an incredible way to enjoy music and celebrate America at the same time.

Food can be accomplished pretty easily too.  If you're inviting friends and family over you can have them all bring their own food to put on the grill.  It's not ideal to ask your guests to bring their own food, but it is the safest way to keep everyone healthy and happy.

Your final hurdle to the perfect Fourth of July celebration is fireworks.  Your local community is likely not going to put on a display, but if you live in a state that allows fireworks from residents, you might get a nice show from your neighbors.  If not, you can watch any number of the YouTube shows that are available.  Make it feel special by projecting them on to a big screen outdoor.

This won't feel like a normal celebration of the 4th of July, but you can make it feel special and enjoy the festivities with friends and family.  Just get creative!



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