How To Conduct A Virtual Bridal Shower

How To Conduct A Virtual Bridal Shower

Are you a maid of honor for a wedding that is supposed to be coming up?  What are you supposed to do when large gatherings are not allowed and restaurants and bars are not allowed to be open?  You don't want to let your bride down and you don't have to with some creativity and a little virtual fun!  

We've compiled a list of a few things you can do as a virtual bridal shower.  This will allow you to hold a bridal shower with all the trappings of an in person shower, but all from a distance.  

Let's get the basics down and then we can move on to making it your own:

  1. Gifts:  Ask anyone buying gifts for the bride to ship them directly to the bride.  They might have to spring for gift wrapping from wherever they purchase it, but it will be worth it to be able to do gift opening, virtually.
  2. Food: This one gets a little tricky, BUT, not impossible.  Try out a recipe exchange where all the guests get on a pre-call and exchange recipe ideas and then you choose a few to all make the day of the shower.  To include the bride in this one, you'll need to enlist her spouse-to-be to chip in.  
  3. Games: While the traditional bridal shower games may not be able to be done virtually you can try trivia - send out questions about the bride and groom ahead of time to all the guests and do a round of trivia.  

Now that the essentials are taken care of, you'll want to personalize it even more.   Here are a few simple ideas that can make it even more personal and interactive so your guests aren't just sitting in front of their computers watching it.

  1. Ask each of your guests to come prepared with a song that reminds them of the bride and you can put together a playlist for the bride when the party is over.
  2. Each guest can share their favorite story about the bride (or the groom)
  3. Have each guest prepare one piece of marriage advice that they wish they had gotten before they got married (or if not married, advice they would give to someone who is getting married.)

Don't let social distance get in the way of making a very special day for your bride.  She deserves it and you can make it happen.  

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