How To Prepare Your Skin For The Fall

How To Prepare Your Skin For The Fall

There is nothing I like better then the cool fall air breezing across my face on a walk or bike ride.  It is refreshing and uplifting and keeps me going for the last few months before the weather turns.

Enjoying the fall weather means many things, but one thing it means to me is that it is time to transition my skincare routine from summer to fall.  There is a big difference in how your skin reacts to warm summer sun and the crisp fall air.  There are some things that are good for your skin in the summer and there are some things that are good for your skin in the fall.

I always take the fall and the changing season as an opportunity to mix up my skincare routine and get my skin ready for fall and winter months ahead.  You know that as the weather gets colder you end up spending more time inside which can lead to dried out skin.  If you're running the heat in your home or sitting by a warm fireplace your skin can get parched.  Using a good moisturizer daily will take care of that and let you enjoy your quiet cozy time without worrying about the damage it is doing to your skin.  

I am also outside a lot during the fall, enjoying the clean air as it refreshes my body from the hot summer sun.  One thing I like to add to my skincare routine is a more consistent use of exfoliant in the fall.  Instead of once a week, I start using InstantPeel every few days.  Your skin dies faster in the fall and therefore the old skin needs to be removed more regularly.  Using the best exfoliant out there a few times a week will help keep your skin looking fresh.  

This fall I am planning on getting my favorite sweater out, cozying up by the fire and sipping tea while I enjoy the fall colors slowly drifting down from the sky and forming a wall of glorious fall colors.  I'll be able to do that while enjoying fresh looking skin that will last throughout the winter months as well, as long as I take care of it, which I plan to do.

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