How to Repair Your Parched Winter Skin

How to Repair Your Parched Winter Skin

The winter months can be just brutal to your skin.  In the winter you'll find your skin becoming parched even when you are following your skincare routine.  In the winter months you might want to alter your routine just a little bit.

First and foremost, you may not want to wash your face as much as you normally might.  This is not to say that you should never wash your face in the winter, but instead of washing it each and everyday you may want to wash it every other day or every third day.  Washing your face with soap and water can have an adverse effect on your skin.

A good alternative to washing with soap and water is the Earthen Vegan Daily Facial Cleanser.  Utilizing this gentle cleanser will leave your skin clean without the harsh after effects of using soap.  The cleanser has the desired effect while also keeping your skin smooth and moisturized even in the winter months.

If you do find your skin to be parched throughout the winter make sure you are using a powerful exfoliant that won't damage your skin, but will allow you to clear away the dead, dry skin from your face.  Our InstantPeel™ is a unique combination of proteins and enzymes that help gently peel away dead skin leaving no redness or irritation on your skin.  This is the perfect way to get the desired results you want without the soreness that comes with other harsh peels.

It is also important, especially in the winter months to moisturize and the Earthen face moisturizer is perfect for any type of skin.  Once you've done a good job exfoliating your skin, this moisturizer will keep your skin feeling youthful and refreshed for the difficult dry and cold months of the year.  

Parched skin is a reality of life in the winter months.  It is something that can effect even the most diligent skincare routines among us.  If it impacts you while you sit in front of a cozy fire, rest assured that you are not alone and that there is a solution to be had to parched winter skin.  

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