If You Have A PIzza Party Can Your Skin Recover?

If You Have A PIzza Party Can Your Skin Recover?

The end of the school year is coming for our kiddos, offices are having summer kickoff parties, or maybe you'll be heading to a local brewery for a taste of their IPA and a slice of their pizza.  No matter what is coming up in the next few months, in many cases it will involve pizza.

Pizza is known to some in the skincare community as a four letter word because of the potentially damaging affect it has on skin.  It is true that pizza has an adverse affect on your skin and cause your pores to get clogged up which can lead to so many more issues that you may think you will never recover from over-indulging at a pizza party.

There is good news and there is bad news, which do you want first?

Here, we'll give you the bad news first.  Over-indulging at a pizza party could have some long-term impacts on your skin health that may take days if not weeks to recover from.  While you are not going to destroy your skin for life, you may see a marked change in the health of your skin after you indulge in pizza.

Here's the good news.  When you approach a pizza party in the same way you would approach your normal eating habits you can maintain your good skin health while also enjoying a slice or two of pizza.  If you're thinking to yourself, HA, a slice or two of pizza, I am here to tell you, it can be done.  Just moderate yourself with a side salad and you should be just fine.  

The bottom line here is the same with most foods that aren't great for you and your skin, if you eat them in moderation you will be able to withstand the impact that pizza has on your skin, especially if you get right back into your skincare routine the next day.  

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