Is Peanut Butter Good Or Bad For Your Skin?

Is Peanut Butter Good Or Bad For Your Skin?

Just do a quick Google search for peanut butter and skin and you will find pages upon pages of articles written about whether or not peanut butter causes acne.  It is something that many people have believed for many years, but it is plainly not true.

There is absolutely no evidence that peanut butter or the peanuts in peanut butter have any ill effect on your acne situation.  

This raises the next question, does peanut butter have any positive effects on your skin?

The short and amazing answer is YES, peanut butter can have a positive impact on your skin.  As with any food we recommend moderation, but the benefits of peanut butter are three fold;

1. Protein.  The protein in peanut butter is legendary.  There are not many foods that pack as big of a protein punch as peanut butter and that protein can do wonders for your skin, from the inside out.  Of course, it won't replace your daily skincare routine, but it will certainly be an added boost for your skin's health.

2. Vitamin E.  Peanut butter is also quite high in vitamin E which we have talked about on this blog many times and mentioned it's protection from the free radicals that your skin is exposed to daily from the sun.  The vitamin E in peanut butter will also help your skin glow.

3. Lutein and fats.  We've been so conditioned to think of fats as bad, but there are some healthy fats in peanut butter that can not only help your overall health but that can benefit your skin health as well.  Lutein and fats will help keep your skin elastic and looking youthful.

Should you be eating peanut butter by the spoonful everyday?  No of course not.  Like was mentioned above, everything in moderation.  Would peanut butter spread on an apple make for a great snack?  Your darn right it would and it will leave your skin feeling youthful and fresh all day long.

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