Is Your Skin Wedding-Ready?

Is Your Skin Wedding-Ready?

It's about that time again when we will start to hear wedding bells ringing.  It will be a welcome sound after a year that saw many weddings postponed or done over Zoom.  The wedding bells at the local chapel should be in full ringing mode singing a song of love and commitment loudly and proudly this spring and summer.  The question is, if you're in one of those wedding parties, will your skin be ready for your close-up?

If you've ever been the bride or the groom, the best man or the maid of honor, or just IN the wedding party, you know that not only do you want to look flawless in front of all of those smiling faces in the church, but you'll also be a part of hundreds, if not thousands of photos taken that day.  Whichever role you're playing in a wedding you will want to make sure your skin is glowing and that the pictures will turn out perfectly for all to enjoy for years to come.

Now you have your perfect outfit picked out for the big day, you've practiced your part over and over, there is just one more thing to do, nail down your perfect skincare routine to ensure that your skin is glowing on this most special of days.  Here's the good news, we have you covered.  A three step skincare routine that will leave all of the wedding guests oooing and aahhhing your way down the aisle.

Step #1: Exfoliate.  You want an exfoliant that will be gentle on your skin leaving no redness or soreness.  Slough away dead skin to reveal the perfect new skin below that will leave you with a glow of youth and vibrancy.  

Step #2: Moisturize.  The perfectly moisturized skin will be ready for a touch of make-up and will accentuate your smile.

Step #3: SPF.  Whether the wedding is inside or outside, you will want to make sure you are protecting your skin leading up to the big day.  The spring and summer sun is a lot brighter and more damaging then that of the winter months and so will need to protect it for every day leading up to the big day.

Weddings are a time of joy and excitement for all involved.  We are so thrilled that we will be seeing blushing brides posing for photographs all throughout the beautiful landscapes of our community this spring and summer.  We missed this joyful expression of love.

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