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It's Almost Over. Get Ready For The Most Anticipated New Year Ever.

Posted by Mike Tabiri on
It's Almost Over.  Get Ready For The Most Anticipated New Year Ever.

It's been a long, strange, and very difficult year this year.  For 2020, a year that started with so much promise and excitement, it has been a challenge to find joy amid much of the suffering.

Our hearts are heavy knowing that so many of our friends and family members got sick and many died this year due to COVID-19.  If you've lost a loved one, our thoughts are with you.

We are also certain that the New Year will bring much joy and light into our lives as we continue to forge ahead with the promise of tomorrow on our mind.  Tomorrow there will be new and exciting hope that will propel us into 2021 with a renewed sense of purpose and an understanding that after darkness comes light.

As the clock counts down to the end of 2020, we are thinking about the resilience of small businesses owners who have endured so much this past year. 

We are thinking of the parent who struggled to connect their child's computer so that she could learn. 

We are thinking of the nurse who took extra shifts to be by her patient's side when no family members were allowed to be. 

We are thinking of the scientists who charged on with a mission to create a vaccine that will bring that light in the new year.

We are thinking of you, your struggles, your triumphs, and your dreams for a brighter new year.  

This is one of the most anticipated new years ever and we are waiting with baited breath to see the light that comes from this dark time.  

Cheers to you and your loved ones from our family to yours.

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