It's Time To Check Your List Twice For Skincare Lovers In Your Life

It's Time To Check Your List Twice For Skincare Lovers In Your Life

We all know that the jolly old elf that lives in the North Pole is starting to really hone in on his list now and he's just about ready to check it twice before he takes flight to all the good little boys and girls homes.  Hopefully you made his list AND you're following suit with your on list and you've begun checking it twice.  

With the start of Hanukkah just a few days away and our last day to order for delivery in time to have your Earthen Skincare under the tree December 18th there is no time like the present to start going down your list one by one and checking it twice to make sure all of the good little boys and girls in your life are going to get the perfect addition to the their skincare routine this holiday season.

Once you know who will be receiving gifts this holiday season you need to make sure you know exactly what you'll be wrapping up for them.  We have a few thoughts on that if you'll indulge us.  We know you'll make their spirits bright with the entire Earthen Skincare collection, but let us just highlight a few of the special items that every skincare lover needs in their life this holiday.

1.) We all have that person on our list who spends the full day at a spa to get a facial that costs a ton of money and often leaves their face looking red and scarred.  This person NEEDS our #1 seller, InstantPeel exfoliant.  This gentle, at-home, exfoliant can be easily applied in the shower and will leave that special someone's skin free and clear of the nasty redness and scarring that often comes with spa facials and chemical peels.

2.) If you have someone on your list, like we do, that loves to travel, we would definitely recommend one of our travel sizes of some of our most popular items.  A 3 oz. bottle of our Vegan Daily Facial Cleanser packs away perfectly and will allow the traveler on your list to stay clean and fresh all day long while on the road and once they arrive at their destination.

3.) Shhhhh don't tell us who on your list is showing their age a little bit, we don't have to know, but what we do know is that they will very much appreciate the incredible anti-aging treatment of our brand new Elevate Nourishing Serum.  This serum, which is enhanced by Vitamin C is the perfect present to grace your friends or family with when they are feeling the need to brighten up their skin.

We hope your list is not too long, certainly we hope it's not as long as the Big Man up North.  It's important to start checking that list now, especially if you have visions of fresh faced friends and family dancing in your head this holiday season.  The good news is that once you've checked your list and you're prepared to check people off of it, you can get a lot of the people on that list taken care of all on one website, Earthen Skincare.

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