July Is Independent Retailer Month

July Is Independent Retailer Month

This month there is so much for us all to celebrate.  As America comes back from the brink of a very difficult year we will be gathering with friends and family safely and returning to work in a more traditional way.  As we get ready for the fireworks displays on the 4th of July, we wanted to remind you of one other reason to celebrate this July, Independent Retailer Month.

You may not think much about it these days, but independent retailers have struggled to stay afloat through the last year and a half.  As community staples struggled to keep their doors open and online retailers worked to stand out among the hoards of large retailers flocking online to sell the independent retailers you have grown to love innovated to remain relevant.

This month, we are celebrating ALL independent retailers who have worked around the clock day in and day out throughout this pandemic to keep the lights on and who are now hoping that the American comeback includes us all.

Earthen Skincare is a proud independent retailer.  Based in New York I mix all of our skincare products by hand and ship them out as orders come in.  I work tirelessly to ensure that the product you receive from us lives up to the standards you expect and have come to know from Earthen.

I am proud to be an American independent retailer and want to take a moment to salute all of those hard-working small business owners that spend every waking hour making sure that you have a product that you love.

To all the independent retailers out there, I salute you.  Have a great month and here's to the greatest comeback in the history of America. 

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