Last Chance for Mother's Day Orders

Last Chance for Mother's Day Orders

Order by tomorrow for delivery in time for Mother's Day.  The last day you can order to get your Earthen skincare products to your mom in time for Mother's Day is tomorrow.  

Each day we lean on our moms for support.  Whether it's a word of advice for our career, lending an ear for our troubled love life, a night of babysitting the kids so I can get out, or something somewhere in between, leaning on mom is not just a once in a while activity.  Leaning on mom is a part of life and we can never take that for granted.

With so many disruptions over the past year, one of the constants has been mom always being there, because of course, she is always there.  No matter the circumstances mom is there and always seems to be there at just the right time.  It is what we love about our moms.  It is what we cherish about our relationships.  It is what we could not live without.

There is no gift in the world that could possibly tell your mom exactly what she means to you.  Mother's Day isn't really about gifts anyway, it is about a day to appreciate the other 364 days of kindness, compassion, empathy, and love your mom shows to you.  This Mother's Day, words matter most and hugs are a very close second.  So take a few extra minutes, give your mom a call.  If you're safe and vaccinated, visit her for a cup of tea or an late afternoon lunch.  Find the words that mean so much to say just how much you appreciate her always.

If you are not able to be with her, send the gift of a skincare routine, but always follow that up with a phone call and a check-in to see how she is doing.  

Mom will always be there for you.  She will have your back when others might not.  So, be there for her.  After a long and grueling year of distance and disconnection, make this Mother's Day one to remember.  She will forever be grateful, just like you are to her for every day before this one.  

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