Let InstantPeel Save The Day By Making Your Skin Glow At Your Wedding

Let InstantPeel Save The Day By Making Your Skin Glow At Your Wedding

You've been running around making sure that every last detail for your wedding day has been taken care of.  Feeling stressed out about your big day is normal, but you've thought of everything right...right?  

What about taking care of yourself and your skin?  The most important part of the wedding day is you and your significant other.  If you're not taking care of yourself leading up to the big day all of the other details will just fall away.

Don't forget about yourself in the lead up to your wedding.  Treat yourself to a skincare treatment that will leave you feeling more like your youthful self and less like a stress ball that has been running around day in and day out to make sure every last i is dotted and t is crossed.

Taking care of your skin doesn't have to be an hour long process at your local spa with an exfoliating treatment that will break your wedding budget and leave your skin red and blotchy.  A typical harsh exfoliant can leave your skin looking less then it's best, but our #1 selling InstantPeel  will leave you feeling refreshed and radiant without the harsh side effects.

Application of InstantPeel is easy and can be done in just a few minutes in the shower.  Once you're in the shower, let it warm up and steam your skin for about five minutes.  Then apply the formula to one area at a time to exfoliate one spot at a time.  After you've massaged InstantPeel into the area you need to exfoliate gently wash it off and move on to the next spot.  

Once you've completed the application and rinsed away all of the dead skin cells from your skin, step out of the shower and gently pat your skin dry.  Take a glimpse at yourself in the mirror and you'll notice that your skin is perfectly radiant and youthful looking and ready for your big day.

Don't risk a trip to a pricey spa for a harsh chemical peel, take the gentler approach that leaves your skin feeling stunning in a fraction of the time.  Your stress level will instantly diminish and you'll be ready for the home stretch of wedding planning.


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