Look Your Best On Your Biggest Day With This Skincare Routine

Look Your Best On Your Biggest Day With This Skincare Routine

The look on your face in your wedding photos should be vibrant and glowing; your skin should radiate the happiness and joy that your heart feels. And that means taking your skincare routine seriously. After all, healthy skin is glowing skin, so follow the steps below to make sure that your skin looks absolutely radiant as you, your friends and family celebrate one of the biggest days of your life.

Step one: Begin at least a month ahead of your event.

Start really focusing on your skincare routine a minimum of a month before your big day. Certainly, good quality skincare routines will give you an immediate boost. But, you need your skin to heal and rebalance itself after all of the stressful preparations, so start taking care of it today so that it will look its best during your magical event. 

Step two: Swap out harsh exfoliants.

Exfoliating your skin brings your natural glow to the surface. It removes all of the dead skin cells, allowing healthy youthful skin to shine through. However, some exfoliation processes scrape at your skin or use stringent unhealthy chemicals to remove the older skin layer. These can actually cause damage to the layer of healthy skin that lies underneath. Seek out an alternative, like InstantPeel, that uses proteins and enzymes to gently remove dead skin cells. 

Step three: Care for your entire body. 

Very often, people who embrace a skincare routine focus only on their face. Yet proper skin care can keep your whole body healthy and youthful looking. Exfoliation and moisturization are just as important for your hands, neck, shoulders and decolletage as they are for your face. All parts of your body accumulate dead skin cells and dry out. Be sure that you’re taking care of your whole self during these important days. 

Step four: Say adiós to fine lines.

Wrinkles are a natural part of life that represent maturity and a life well lived. However, your biggest day is going to be captured forever by a thousand cameras, and the fact is that flash magnifies the appearance of wrinkles. Chances are, on today of all days, you don’t want to appear older than you really are. So, take care of the fine lines by using a daily serum with peptides. Peptides act like little messengers: They send word to the skin that it needs to increase collagen and elastin production, thereby reducing fine lines and making your skin appear more youthful.

Step five: Everyday. Choose cleansers and moisturizers that nourish skin. 

On the most basic level, a skincare routine means that you clean and moisturize your skin twice a day - morning and night. But it’s important to pick a skincare collection that doesn’t use harsh chemicals, stripping your face of its natural oils and unbalancing your skin. You also want to find one that is fragrance-free, because this too can irritate your skin. So, what do you want? Pick cleansers and moisturizers made from the highest quality ingredients that show powerful results while treating your skin with the care it requires. 

Step six: Focus in. Your eyes will be front and center.

Sure, there will be some cute photos of the flower girl and some keepsakes of the rings, but it’s the look in your eye that the photographer will focus on. While all the details of your biggest day matter, it’s the love between you and your spouse that mean the most. This passion is only visible in the eyes. So, be sure that you use a product like Clear Eye #2 underneath your makeup: this reflects light showing off your bright sparkling eyes. And, if puffiness plagues you, Clear Eye #1 offers all the healthy moisture you’ll need.

As glamorous and exciting as all of the flowers, sweet treats and flowing gowns can be, the hard work of preparing for your big day has naturally added stress. Stress takes its toll on your skin, making it dull, wrinkly, puffy. That’s certainly not the look you want to capture in photos that will last a lifetime. So take the above steps to ensure fresh, glowing skin on your biggest day ever.

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