Losing An Hour Of Sleep Doesn't Have To Mean Bags Under Your Eyes

Losing An Hour Of Sleep Doesn't Have To Mean Bags Under Your Eyes

We can feel the weather warming up and there is a spring in our step and that can me a couple of things.  First, spring flowers are on their way and spring weather is right behind them.  This also means that in many parts of the country we will soon be at a point where we need to spring our clocks ahead.

Spring our clocks ahead in many circles is code for, oh no, I am going to lose an hour of sleep.

Sleep is one of the best things you can do to have wonderful skin and it should be a central component to your skincare routine.  Losing an hour of the sleep that you desperately need can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be damaging to your skin in any way.  

One of the ways that I am always concerned that losing sleep will affect my skin is getting bags under my eyes.  There is nothing that makes you look more tired and like you've lost sleep then having bags under your eyes.  Especially now when I am sitting on Zoom meetings all day and I have to look at how tired I am all day, it can be embarrassing.  

Don't let this happen to you.  Even with the springing ahead of clocks your eyes and the skin under your eyes can stay bright and alive without getting any extra sleep.  

If you want to know my secret it is the Clear #1 Eye Cream from Earthen Skincare.  This eye treatment is gentle and effective and changes the surface reflection of your skin so you always look rested and refreshed.  It's my go to when I didn't get the right amount of sleep the night before.

When the birds are chirping outside your window on the first day of springing ahead, just know you have a trick up your sleeve so no one on that Zoom call will even know you missed an hour of your sleep time.

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