Love Yourself, Love Your Skin

Love Yourself, Love Your Skin

This Valentine's Day, whether you have a boo or not, loving yourself is critical to your well-being.  One way you can love yourself is by showing your skin some attention this winter.  Parched skin can leave you feeling uneasy about your appearance and that's no way to love yourself.

This peel is BY FAR the best exfoliant/peel my skin has had the pleasure to experience. From one use, I can see the difference in my skin and the eye cream very much agreed with my skincare needs. @jenzilla80

Exfoliating your skin is the easiest way to show it some love and we've got the perfect way to do just that.  Our InstantPeel™ Exfoliant leaves no redness and will not irritate your skin when you use it to clear away all the dead skin.

For best results you'll want to apply it in the shower.  For the product to work effectively your face should be steamed for 5 minutes in the shower then squeeze a small amount of of the product onto your fingertips and apply to your forehead. Massage firmly with a back and forth motion until the dead skin stops coming off.  Continue with these steps one area of your face at a time.  

Once you've finished applying the exfoliant rinse your face with warm water.  You'll be feeling refreshed and youthful in no time.

There is no better way to show yourself some love then with an at-home, no fuss, spa treatment that will make you feel like a new person in no time.



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