Make Sure You Check Your List Twice So You Don't Miss These Skincare Lovers

Make Sure You Check Your List Twice So You Don't Miss These Skincare Lovers

Just reading the headline of this post we know you're humming the song in your head now.  The big man always checks his list twice to make sure those good little boys and girls are nice and not naughty, but you might want to check your list for a different reason.  You don't want to forget the person in your life that you see often, but may not come immediately to mind when you're making a gift giving list.

We've put together a quick list that we hope will help you jog your memory and not forget the people who play an important role in your life on a daily basis so they get their due this holiday season too.  You may not have all of these people in your life, but if you have one or two, you'll be grateful that you didn't forget them.

Add these people to your list and the days ahead will be merry and bright;

1. Your boss.  We're not afraid of a little kissing up to the big cheese at your office.  Giving the gift of skincare will show her/him that you are looking out for their health and happiness.

2. Your coach.  Whether you have a life coach or a business coach or someone somewhere else in your life that is guiding you along the path that is paved ahead, you will want to make sure he/she is taken care of this holiday season.

3. Your yoga instructor.  This is an easy one to forget and to take for granted, but imagine life without the calming influence of someone guiding you in your daily or weekly practice of yoga, you wouldn't survive.

4. Your REALTOR®.  Many people have bought or sold homes this year and where would you have been without someone to help you through the complicated process of navigating a market that was unlike any we've ever seen?  It would be easy to forget a gift for your REALTOR®, but you should make an effort to include him/her on your list.

There are probably others in your life that have helped you along the way this year that you might want to add to your list, so we're just getting you started.  If you think of someone, don't be shy to add them to your list.  Your manicurist, your hair stylist, a favorite waitress at a local restaurant, or someone we haven't even thought of yet.  They will thank you all the way to perfect skin.

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