3 People Who Would Love To Receive The Gift Of Skincare This Year

3 People Who Would Love To Receive The Gift Of Skincare This Year

There are people who are hard to buy for during the holidays and there are people who you just KNOW what to get them.  Sometimes you know what to get someone weeks and even months out from the holiday.  If that is the case, you're in luck, your holiday shopping may already be done.  If not, you may need a little guidance on what to get that special someone.

Not everyone in your life is going to make the "nice" list, but those that do deserve some time and attention given to their gift, what better way to show them how much they mean to you then setting them up with the perfect skincare routine for the new year.

We've put together this helpful list of three people who we know would absolutely love getting the gift of skincare this year.  Lucky enough for you the entire Earthen Skincare collection is on sale right now for 20% off and you get free domestic shipping.  It's the right time to check your list twice.  

Don't forget these three people on your list and take care of them;

  • Your yoga instructor: You already know that your yoga instructor takes self-care seriously. She spends time on her body and her mind and turning her on to a new skincare routine will help her maintain her whole self.
  • Manicurist: You might be surprised to know that your manicurist often forgets to focus on her skincare because she is so heavily focused on her nails.  Wouldn't a new skincare routine be just the thing to give her to encourage her to pay the same mind to her skin that she does to her nails?
  • Your child's teacher:  This would be an incredibly unique gift to give your child's teacher, but there is nothing more stressful then teaching 10 year olds all year long.  What better way is there to unwind then with a good skincare regimine?  Sure you can give a gift card to the local coffee shop, but imagine how much more this will mean to her.
There may be more on your list that we didn't add, but this list will get you started to make sure you don't miss anyone.  Time is running out though, so don't delay.  If you want to get anyone on this list the gift of skincare you can do so now by getting 20% off the entire Earthen Skincare collection as well as FREE domestic shipping, but you can't wait, you've got to get your order in by December 19th to insure your gift arrives in time.


Happy shopping!

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