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Make Sure You Have This Dorm Skincare Essential Before You Head Back To School

Posted by Skincare Blogger on
Make Sure You Have This Dorm Skincare Essential Before You Head Back To School

So you're heading back to college and you need the perfect setup in your dorm room.

You've got your fridge stocked.

You've got pictures to hang on the wall.

All your bedding is ready to go.

What are you missing...?

Well, there is one skincare essential that you may not have previously put on your list, but should definitely go there now. 

Late night study sessions or partying into the early morning hours used to haunt you the next morning with dark circles under your eyes making you look more like your mom then the kid who can handle college life.

With this addition to your dorm room essentials you can discretely remove dark circles from under your eyes without anyone even knowing about it.  The answer is our Clear #1 Eye Cream for Dark Circles.  This little container packs a powerful punch and is easy to toss in your purse on a night out or keep in your dorm for when you get back to apply right before you go to bed.

Don't worry if you forget to apply it before bed, you can do an application when you wake up to help limit or remove the dark circles under your eyes in no time.

When your friends are dreary eyed and looking haggard from the night before, you'll be looking fresh for another late night.  

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