National Winter Skin Relief Day

National Winter Skin Relief Day

With the holidays having past, we are now into the dead of winter when skin starts to really feel the effects of the dry, cold air.  For me, that is why I celebrate one final holiday and that is National Winter Skin Relief Day.  

So, maybe it's a made up holiday, but I honestly don't care, my skin needs it and I am taking advantage of this day to get my skin some relief.  What does my skincare routine look like today?

I start out by exfoliating with my favorite exfoliant, InstantPeel.  The gentle touch this exfoliant has on my skin never leaves redness or irritation and it easily peels away all the dead skin that has been left behind from the cold and dry air.  

Then my skin needs to be moisturized, it needs this step BADLY.  I give my parched skin a dose of Instant CelluMoist which is formulated specifically for dry skin.  This is a step that should never be skipped, but over the hustle and bustle of the holidays I missed it a couple of times, but today I am making up for lost time and getting my skin back to where it needs to be.

One other thing I will do today without fail is to take care of the skin around my eyes.  I didn't get the right amount of sleep over the holidays and having to jump right back into work I have not paid enough attention to the skin around my eyes.  Today I am remedying that by using Clear Eye #1 to get rid of the dark circles under my eyes. 

One day is certainly not a substitute for having a quality skincare routine daily, but it is a good time to take stock of your skin and make sure you are preparing it and taking care of it through the winter months.  Today, I am "celebrating" National Winter Skin Relief Day and I hope you'll join me so that we can start January off with picture perfect skin.


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