Newly Engaged? It's Never Too Early To Focus On Your Skin

Newly Engaged? It's Never Too Early To Focus On Your Skin

Did your partner go for the grand gesture or something a little more intimate?  Did your partner get down on one knee?  Did you say yes?  Did you shed tears of joy?

Wait, don't answer those questions, those are private moments that should be shared with those closest to you.  Just know that today is #NationalProposalDay and that means whether you were proposed to today, yesterday or two weeks ago, you are now among the select few who are in the process of planning your nuptials over the next few months.

There is a lot to decide.  Will you have a DJ or a band?  Do you want it to be a big ceremony or an intimate affair?  What kind of cake will you have?  Will there even be cake?  Do you want to elope?  Do you want to have a big wedding party or a small wedding party?

Should I go on?  I won't.  You know there are a myriad of decisions that you will need to make before you officially tie the knot.

With that being said you won't have much time to think about many other things besides your wedding day and what you will decide to do when the day comes.  That's why today it's important for you to tackle one thing that you can get started on and check off your list before you even get into the planning stages of your wedding, your skincare routine.

We've made this checkmark on your to-do list so easy to get you just simply need to identify your core needs for your skincare and tackle them step by step.  The easiest way to get started is by purchasing the Earthen Skincare collection and get moving on all your skincare needs.  Make exfoliating and moisturizing part of your everyday routine with ease.  Take good care of the skin around your eyes with a simple drop of our incredible eye cream.  It's easy when you have all the tools you need.

Today is an exciting day for you, you got engaged!  Congratulations.  Now get to the fun of planning your wedding and being the best you, you can be. 

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