No Tricks, Just Treats With This Skincare Routine

No Tricks, Just Treats With This Skincare Routine

Don't let anyone tell you Halloween is just for kids. In fact, as we get older our costume get a lot better mostly because we ditch masks and use make-up to create our costumes. It may be a time for junk food an candy, but it's not a time to forget your skincare routine. Halloween make-up can be hard on the skin, but following this skincare routine will keep your skin glowing and youthful.

  1. Clean up! After ghoulish night you need a face cleanser that will remove the make-up, yet be gentle on your skin. Earthen's Vegan Daily Facial Cleanser removes make-up, dirt, oil, and dead skin cells from the face and neck. A must have in your post-Halloween bag.

  2. Trick or Treat Yourself. There is no better feeling than the "just-from-the esthetician" feeling when your skin is soft, supple, and smooth. It's no wonder that InstantPeel™ is our best-selling product. A gentle alternative to acid peels and dermabraision, InstantPeel™is a gentle exfoliant for the entire body.

  3. Moisturize. Keeping your skin moist is one way to keep it healthy and vibrant looking. Whether you need a moisturizer for normal to dry skin or a moisturizer for oily skin, the right moisturizer will hydrate and improve the look of your skin.

  4. Take a breather. The day after Halloween, is a good time to to go au natural and give your skin a break. 
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