Outdoor Activities That Will Revive Your Soul This Winter

Outdoor Activities That Will Revive Your Soul This Winter

One of the incredible upsides of this global pandemic is how many of us have been able to reconnect with nature.  With normal day to day stresses and challenges, we often lose sight of how important it is to be in nature for our souls and if we skip outdoor activities we lose that connection.

Given no choice by to socialize with others outside and socially distanced many have reprioritized outdoor activities.  This has done wonders for our well being as nature helps us be one with ourselves and our surroundings.  Being among nature forces us to slow down and appreciate the world around us.

The winter months have presented a bit of challenge for getting outside with colder temperatures and major snowfall in much of the country, but the good news is there are still some things you can do to revive your soul as you reconnect to nature.  Here are a few ideas we've put together;

  • Rent snowshoes: If you have some freshly fallen snow, now would be the perfect time to rent a pair of snow shoes and get a group of friends together for a snow shoe outing.  It is the perfect socially distant activity for you and your friends to do, even when it is cold out.
  • Light a fire in your fire-pit:  If you or a friend have a fire pit, clear it off and light a fire in it.  This will allow you to stay warm and reconnect with each other while also being outside.
  • Sledding/skiing: If you're young or young at heart you will enjoy racing down a hill packed with freshly fallen snow.  Sleds or skis are the perfect way to stay socially distanced and enjoy some adrenaline rushes outside this winter.
  • Outdoor Yoga:  There is no better way to connect with your mind, body, soul, AND the outdoors then finding a quiet place outdoors to practice yoga.  The fresh, cold air, will allow you to center yourself even more then usual.

Whatever you choose to do, connecting with nature, even in the winter months, is so critical all the time, but specifically during this time when indoor gathering is fraught with stress and uncertainty.  

Once you've finished your outdoor fun, make sure to moisturize your skin so it does not get impacted by the dry, crisp, outdoor air.  

Photo by: @carmen_budau

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