Outdoor Fun You Can Have With Dad On Father's Day (Even From Afar)

Outdoor Fun You Can Have With Dad On Father's Day (Even From Afar)

On a normal Father's Day you might bring the whole family over to your parent's house to get together with dad and celebrate the incredible things he has done for you throughout your life.  A typical day with dad might include a cookout, a game outside, a walk maybe, and visiting and reminiscing.  Given that Father's Day falls in June, most of these activities would probably take place outside.

Even though many states are re-opening and allowing bigger gatherings, you may not feel comfortable visiting with dad face to face, especially if he is in a high risk category which would make him more susceptible to illness.  If you're in that boat and aren't ready to make the trek to visit dad there are some things you can do this Father's Day to make it feel special, even from afar.

  1. Go for a virtual walk with dad:  Use your favorite video chat app and load it up on your phone.   Ask your dad to do the same thing and go for a stroll.  It's not going to be the same, but at least it will feel a little more normal then just sitting there staring into a screen.
  2. Play virtual horseshoes or corn hole: Dad's love a mean game of horseshoes or corn hole.  These games are easy to do when you're separated and keeping score is a breeze.  You may need to relay on the honor system as far as scoring, but you trust your dad...right?
  3. Have a cookout: Your dad will have to cook his food and you'll have to cook your food, but then you can sit down and have a great conversation and enjoy each other's company while you enjoy the yummy food you might otherwise have had if you were together.
  4. A virtual cheers:  Bottoms up with your dad and a virtual cheers might be just the thing you need to celebrate dad properly.  Grab a glass of your dad's favorite beer and while there won't be a glass clink, you'll still be able to share your love and affection for him over a virtual cheers.

Father's Day will one day return to normal, but until then, there are ways you can make it nice for you and your dad while you celebrate the man that raised you.  Virtual Father's Day is just another holiday that will be etched in our memories for 2020.

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