Pack These In Your Suitcase Travel Cosmetic Bag

Pack These In Your Suitcase Travel Cosmetic Bag

When you make travel plans it can be easy to forget the essentials.  Sure you've packed enough clothes, your key work items, and a good book, but are you remembering the essentials of skincare?  It can be easy to forget when you're racing around trying to get on the road or get to the airport in time to catch your flight.

One critical step you can take to make sure you don't forget your skincare essentials is to pack them the night before.  A simple, TSA approved, cosmetic bag will give you all the space you need to carry on your essentials and feel refreshed when you arrive at your destination.

A trip can leave you tired and your skin feeling parched, but it doesn't have to be this way.  If you've brought along your essentials you can be refreshed and invigorated for whatever your trip has in store for you.

Your cosmetic bag doesn't have to be stuffed to the brim either to achieve this.  Just a few items from the Earthen Skincare line can go a long way in keeping you moisturized and refreshed no matter how long your travels are.

For instance, the Clear #1 or Clear #2 eye cream fits perfectly into a cosmetic bag and will not cause you any problems getting through TSA.  Most importantly when you get to where you're going you'll have the perfect treatment to refresh your eyes and make you feel able to tackle the day and into the night.

Another perfect fit for your cosmetic bag is the Instant Cellumoist moisturizer.  This item will also let you sail right through TSA if you're flying and it will help you treat your parched skin from any length of flight.  An application of this wonderful cream before a meeting or a night out will leave your skin feeling moist, firm, and wrinkle free.

Wherever your travels take you, it's important not to skip out on your skincare routine.  With a couple of items from the Earthen skincare collection you'll keep your routine and most importantly your skin refreshed and invigorated for your whole trip.

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