Plan Your Thanksgiving Day Feast Now To Keep Your Skin Glowing

Plan Your Thanksgiving Day Feast Now To Keep Your Skin Glowing

When you think of a Thanksgiving Day feast, what are the first foods that come to mind?  Most people will likely say turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and rolls, everybody loves rolls.  I am hungry just thinking about it now.  But if you are working on making sure your skin is well cared for, you may want to take a few of these items off the meal plan.

The good news is, if you start thinking about it now you can have a delicious Thanksgiving feast without sacrificing the health of your skin.  There are some simple steps you can take to take your feast from heavy and unhealthy to light and healthy.  It may take some planning, but you can do it.

The centerpiece of your meal can remain turkey.  Turkey is a perfect source of good and important nutrients that help elevate the health of your skin.  In fact, turkey is high in zinc which is an essential way to boost your body's natural collagen.  Imagine that, you can eat all the turkey you want and it will actually be GOOD for your skin.  This is a revelation that will make all the Thanksgiving feasters thrilled. 

You will want to ditch the mashed potatoes for this year because they are high on the glycemic index which can cause acne breakouts and may lead to early signs of aging.   A good alternative to traditional mashed potatoes is sweet potatoes.  Sweet potatoes are loaded with vitamin A which will go a long way in preventing dryness and wrinkles.  

Gravy is a condiment where there really may not be an alternative.  If you love gravy you're going to have to live with the fact that it may cause acne breakouts after your meal.  It's not guaranteed to cause breakouts of course, but it can and if that is a risk you're willing to take, then you can keep the gravy boat on the table.  

The next big question is rolls.  Rolls are very dependent on the type of rolls you serve as to whether or not they are bad for your skin.  If you want a roll that will be good for your skin or at least not damage it you should stick with whole grain buckwheat rolls.  These rolls are high in the antioxidant rutin which helps to combat inflammation in your skin.   

The final addition to your menu should be leafy greens.  Leafy greens of all kinds are great for skin health and will be a nice addition to a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  

If you're taking your skincare routine seriously, you should plan accordingly for your Thanksgiving dinner.  The good news is that with a few minor tweaks to your traditional meal you can have a feast fit for a queen without having to sacrifice your skin health.  

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