Practical Skincare Tips For Men

Practical Skincare Tips For Men

Men are not always the first people I think about when I am talking skincare, but they need it too.  A good skincare routine for a man is just as impactful as it is for me and you, but it can be hard to convince a man to take his skin health seriously.

The one thing I have found when trying to make men pay attention to their skin is that they need tips that are going to be easy to implement into their daily lives.  If it is not easy, they will likely skip it.  The other thing that I've found with men is that skincare tips need to be practical.  If it's not going to have immediate or lasting results they don't want any part of it.

So, I've been sharing these practical skincare tips with my guy friends for a while now and some of them have taken to them.

  1. Use a moisturizer.  This is one simple step that all men can do to keep their skin looking youthful while still maintaining a simple routine.  A quick application of a moisturizer will do wonders for his skin.  
  2. Exfoliate.  The easy thing about this tip is that it doesn't have to be done every day, in fact this can be a once every few days or even in some cases every few weeks activity that will make a BIG difference.  
  3. Use a cleanser.  A vegan daily facial cleanser will be gentle on his skin and will do a better job then the typical soap and warm water that most men use on their skin.  If he uses a cleanser his face will remain soft and clean throughout the day.
  4. Drink more water.  This may be the easiest tip you can give a man and have him follow through on it.  Water is good for your health generally, it is great for your skin health.  If you can get him to add a couple of glasses of water to his routine every day his skin will thank you for it.

It may be difficult to get the man in your life to follow through on a skincare routine, but it is so important.  You know, from working on your own routine that having younger looking skin can you make you feel more confident and give you the feeling that you can take on anything.  That feeling is important for the man in your life too.

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