Prepare Your Skin For The Summer Heat

Prepare Your Skin For The Summer Heat

Fun in the summer sun can come at a cost to your skin, but not if you prepare your skin for the summer months.  Whether you like to tan on the beach or stroll in the park, the summer is full of incredible activities that we all love.  Your skin doesn't have to suffer due to the heat and sun beating down on it for a few months in a row.

Keeping your skin refreshed and moisturized is the key to making sure your skin stays youthful and radiant all summer long.  If your skincare routine is in order your summer fun will be flawless without any worry of damaged skin.

We recommend two products in particular to keep or add to your skincare routine that will help your skin stay moisturized and youthful looking all summer long.

Start with our vegan daily facial cleanser.  The summer months can be filled with extra dirt, sweat and make-up that need to be washed away on a regular basis.  When left on your skin they can leave damaging residue that will make your skin feel parched and damaged.  Using our vegan facial cleanser every day will help wash away all of the pollutants from a summer filled with fun.

Follow this part of your skincare routine with one of our moisturizers.   Whether you have dry skin or oily skin using one of these specially formulated moisturizers all summer will keep your skin refreshed and radiant throughout the dog days of summer.  

Summer is a time for fun in the sun, but if you don't have the right skincare routine your skin will be left feeling parched and dirty.  With the right routine in place you'll be glowing all summer long and making heads turn on the beach or out at night.

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