Prepare Your Skin Now For Cool Autumn Weather

Prepare Your Skin Now For Cool Autumn Weather

It's almost here, sweater weather.  You either love the arrival of sweater weather or you hate it.  Once the calendar switches to September you can put me in the LOVE column.  

I love the smell of new candles and cookies in the oven.  I love the feel of freshly fallen leaves under my feet as I go for a long walk.  I love the crackle of a fire in the fire pit outdoors with the cool breeze of fall blowing in my hair.  I love it all.

If you're like me you may not have any problems transitioning your skincare routine to one that is moving away from worries about the harsh effects of the summer sun and the cooling breeze of the autumn air.  It is important whether you're happy or sad to see summer go that you make the effort to transition your skincare routine, because if you don't, you could be left out in the cold with skin that is not protected.

Typically in the cooler months the air is dryer and your skin will require a greater attention to moisturizing.  You will want to pick the moisturizer that is right for your skin and then use it regularly.  It should be part of your morning and nighttime routine to moisturize your skin everyday.  The good news is that our moisturizer is soothing and will be absorbed nicely into your skin keeping your glow perfect all day and night.

In the fall the days get shorter and the nights get longer.  It is harder for all of us to hop out of bed and tackle the day when it is still dark out.  This can lead us to being overtired.  A good night's sleep is essential for the health of your skin.  When you don't get enough sleep your skin suffers.  This is why as the days shorten and the nights get longer you need to focus on your sleep and ensure that you are getting the desired amount of sleep.  A healthy range for sleep is 7-9 hours.  

It may still be a few months before the snow starts to fall, but the temperatures are beginning to fall.  Taking the time to get your health and skincare routine right will be a great first step in enjoying the fall while also being able to maintain that summer glow on your skin.

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