Prepping A Thanksgiving Dinner That Is Good For Your Skin

Prepping A Thanksgiving Dinner That Is Good For Your Skin

It's almost that time again believe or not when you begin to either plan your own Thanksgiving dinner or prep your travel plans to head to your favorite spot where family and friends await to celebrate a day of thanks.  Of course, among all of the thanks we can't forget the food.  The delicious food that makes a Thanksgiving visit with family and friends just a little tastier.  

There is good news and bad news around the Thanksgiving dinner table for your skin.  We're going to start with the good news, if you stick to your skincare routine, one day of heavy eating is not going to damage your skin.  Also on the good news front there are some foods that are traditionally set out at this time of year that are really good for your skin, we'll detail those below.

Now a little bit of the bad news, some of the yummiest pieces of a Thanksgiving feast are really not that great for your skin.  Take the stuffing for instance, traditional stuffing is loaded with ingredients that are just not good for your skin like bread and bacon, these greasy foods will leave your skin feeling not so fresh.  Other foods to avoid at Thanksgiving include the cornbread, mac and cheese, and gravy.

Let's focus on the foods that can make your Thanksgiving delicious and also keep your skin looking youthful and happy for days and weeks to come.  As with any meal you will want a variety of flavors and nutrients.  Here's a list of the foods you can load your plate with this coming Thanksgiving.

1. Green vegetables.  If a salad is served, load your plate with salad.  Green beens are great and brussell sprouts can have you coming back for seconds and thirds with no problem to your skin, in fact these veggies are good for your skin so load up on them.

2. Turkey.  Of course Thanksgiving dinner wouldn't be the same without turkey and why wouldn't you load up on this tasty treat.  It is loaded with zinc which is fantastic for your skin.  Don't hold back, pile your plate high with a generous helping of this nutrient rich protein that will leave you sleepy, but glowing when you wake up.

3. Sweet potatoes.  These mighty veggies pack and incredibly powerful punch when it comes to skin health.  They are loaded with vitamins and minerals that are essential to healthy and glowing skin.  Maybe skip the marshmallows on top, but a healthy helping of sweet potatoes is definitely in order for your Thanksgiving feast.

Overall a day of overeating and family fun will not cancel out any of the work you've been doing trying to keep your skin looking youthful and vibrant, so don't stress too much over what you're eating.  If you are concerned, go in with a plan and stick to it.  You can have fun and eat the right way to keep your skin looking stunning for weeks to come.

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