Recharge After A Day Of Zoom Calls

Recharge After A Day Of Zoom Calls

You've been Zooming with everyone in your life.  Whether you're on an important work Zoom call or a fun Zoom Yoga class, you have been spreading your Zoom face all across your network of people in your life.

This type of connection should be rewarding and rejuevinating, but it can often by exhausting.  After a full day of video calling you can be tired and worn down.  This is not just you, in fact there may be some science to it.

Whether scientifically proven or not, the truth remains that there is a level of exhaustion that sets in after a day of these calls that is unlike anything you may have ever experienced before.  The good news is that there are some pretty simple things you can do to get your energy restored and move on with the rest of the day so you can be the best you you can be.

1.) Disconnect: After your last Zoom call of the day, avoid your computer/tablet/phone at all costs.  Even if you can't disconnect for the rest of the day, give yourself an hour or two to connect with those around you instead of those in a virtual setting.  Removing screen time from the equation is a perfect way to recharge your batteries.

2.) Get outside: A simple stroll around the block or a walk around your garden to water the flowers will do wonders for your physical and mental well-being.  Whatever you like to do outside, get outside and do it.  Fresh air is not the cure all, but it is certainly one way to get the spring back in your step.

3.) Be Creative: You've spent most of your day with the right side of your brain now give your left side a workout.  Do some writing (by hand not typing), draw, paint, play music, do something creative that will get your mind off of the monotony of these daily calls.

While we won't put this as one of the steps you can take to recharge, you should also remember that your mental health is critical during these uncertain times and while there may be some Zoom calls that you absolutely cannot miss there are most certainly ones that you could skip.  Do your best to space them out and if you can skip one or two do it.  Your mind, body, and soul will thank you for it.

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