Reduce The Effects That Stress Can Have On Your Skin

Reduce The Effects That Stress Can Have On Your Skin

Who isn't stressed out these days?  Some days it's everything I can do not to throw my computer out the window and unplug from it all, but I know I can't do that, so I need to find other ways to destress.  

I have noticed that when I am stressed out my body reacts in all the wrong ways.  I breakout, I see circles under my eyes and sometimes I even see new wrinkles where there never were wrinkles before.  It is not good for my skin in any way.  

Therefore I need to do things to keep my stress levels under control because no skincare routine will fix all of the problems that arise from my high stress levels.  Here's what I do to let go of my stress and get my mind right.

1. Time for myself is critical.  I love being around friends and family, but there is just something about spending some quiet time, alone, and getting my mind right.

2. Connecting with nature.  A simple trip to a park or a walk around my neighborhood will do the trick.  Fresh air and sunshine are some of the best medicines around for stress.

3. I get my diet right.  When I get stressed I eat and not good stuff, I eat all the bad stuff.  To get myself realigned and refocused I get my healthy eating back in gear and my body and mind feel refreshed.

4. Skip the booze.  Nothing is wrong with a drink out with a friend, but alone at home with my third glass of wine will only dull the stress for so long.  When I find myself stressed out and realizing I need to get back to ME,  I ditch the wine and head straight for the water.

Stress wreaks havoc on my skin and while there is no avoiding stress all together, there certainly are things I've found that work to help me avoid the terrible effects of stress on my skin.  If you can find the time, do some of these stress relief activities.  Your body and skin will thank you for it.

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