Rejuvenate Your Work From Home By Taking It Outdoors

Rejuvenate Your Work From Home By Taking It Outdoors

If you've been working from home (unexpectedly) now for almost 2 months like many people, you've probably tried everything to normalize it.  You may have tried to get into a routine, you may have tried to change up your workspace, or vary the hours you're working.  What if nothing has worked?  

Let's face it taking big meetings over Zoom is just causing more and more stress on your mind and your body.  It is nice that "virtual" meetings can happen, but they can really drain you mentally and even physically.  

There is good news to all of this, nicer weather is coming.  For much of the country this spring has been wet, cold and gray.  With spring in full swing now, everything has dried out outside and there are more sunny days ahead.  

Fresh air is one of the best ways to put a new spring in your step and help yourself get into the right mindset to get back to work in good spirits.  Here's how to rejuvenate your work from home by bringing it outside.

  • Find a quiet place.  Being outside can get loud so you will need something that is shut off from distractions.  Birds chirping is ok, but your neighbor's lawnmower might not be.
  • Get comfortable.  Just as it is important inside, when you're working outside, sitting on a rock will get old fast.  You'll want to make sure you have a comfortable space to work.
  • Stay connected.  There is nothing worse then sitting outside and getting down to business only to find out your Internet connection is not strong.  This will derail your work from home efforts.  
  • Position yourself away from the sun.  Sun can make it beautiful out, but it can also make the glare on your computer screen unbearable.  Having your back to the sun will exacerbate that, but facing the sun will give you enough coverage so your screen is viewable easily.

No one knows how much longer these stay at home orders will be in place, but until they are lifted, mixing up your working environment can be just the thing to keep you from going mad.  

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