Renew Yourself and Your Skin

Renew Yourself and Your Skin


You may have found yourself racing around in the morning and like most people one of the first things you don't do to save time is your skincare routine.  Busy schedules can impact how you take care of yourself and your skin, but they don't have to.

The first, and most important step in a skincare routine is to exfoliate your skin.  We know that applying moisturizers and eye creams for dry puffy eyes, are not as effective if you haven't taken the first step of exfoliating and removing all of the dead skin from your face.

But exfoliating takes time that I don't have, doesn't it?

The simple answer is, it used to, but now with our InstantPeel™ Exfoliant getting rid of that dead, old skin is just one simple extra step you take in the shower.   Treat yourself with this simple and quick exfoliating solution.  Hop in the shower, apply the exfoliant and watch as the dead skin simples peels right off.  

The best part of it all, there is no irritation or redness after use.

The Instant Peel...they're really awesome! They're made to use on the face and body to reveal fresh new skin by wiping away those dead skin cells leaving fresh, smooth and hydrated skin! @mandycon

If you treat yourself with the InstantPeel™ Exfoliant and remove all of the dead skin that is leaving your skin feeling old and tired, you will be ready to move forward with your skincare routine to take full advantage of your fresh, new skin and take your look to a new level.


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