Safety Checks For Your Skin Are One Of The Best Things You Can Do Each Year

Safety Checks For Your Skin Are One Of The Best Things You Can Do Each Year

The largest organ that your body has is the skin.  Skin covers your entire body and is something that needs to be regularly cared for.  The good news is that you can care for your skin without the use of expensive equipment or a multitude of doctors visits.  

Protecting your skin requires performing multiple safety checks throughout the year that will confirm that your skin is healthy and a well taken care of part of your body.  By performing these safety checks you are insuring that your skin stays healthy and does not need to be seen by a specialist. 

What is involved in these safety checks?

1. Find a room that is well-lit and has a full-length mirror

2. Use a hand held mirror or ask a friend or family member to help you investigate hard to see areas.

3. Do a thorough check of your entire body taking special note of any marks on your skin such as moles, freckles, or blemishes.  You will want to take note of the pattern of these marks and commit them to memory.

4. After your initial examination you will want to perform a similar, thorough examination once every six months looking for variations in the patterns that you initially observed.

5. If there are any changes you should immediately visit a specialist who can do further investigation.

Taking care of your skin goes well beyond the application of skincare products and these exams should be taken seriously.  Especially as we age, skin issues may arise and if addressed early can be handled with care and resolved easily.  If left to their own devices it may take serious intervention to remove a blemish or growth from your skin.


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