Santa Knows This One Gift Giving Secret

Santa Knows This One Gift Giving Secret

By now you know that Santa is putting the finishing touches on his naughty and nice list and I think you're doing the same as well.  I know my list has mostly nice names on it, but a precious few have just a few days left to get off the naughty list to make sure their present is wrapped and delivered on that special day.

The one saving grace for my list is that I know a secret trick that Santa uses each and every year to make his gift giving easier and more streamlined.  You know, when you're delivering billions of presents each year you have to take some time to get the process right.

Ok, here's the secret...Santa batches his list and does all his shopping by categories of people.  He has people on his list who want technology - all in one category.  The people he knows would enjoy toys - all in one category.  He's got a good system in place and it makes it so much easier for him to get the perfect present for each little boy and girl.

This year I am using this time saving trick to make sure that I have all of those people who are on my nice list checked off and with the perfect gift.  My first category is, skincare.  A lot of my girlfriends adore new skincare products that will help them stay fresh faced throughout the year.  I can check off a full half of my list just by shopping this one category.  Efficient right?

Want to streamline it even further?  This is my little trick that I should probably share with from one store (psst...Earthen is a good place) and get gifts that come all together so you only need to buy once.  For instance, Earthen has the full Earthen Collection which will save you money and can cover multiple people on your list in just one click.  

If you want to be a little more selective in what you get each person on your list, maybe you will want to take the advice of Vogue Editor Marina Rust who swears by InstantPeel and recently said, "I have sensitive skin and I adore this product."  You can even save 20% off right now before the holiday if you purchase InstantPeel by December 21st.    

Santa holds on to his secrets very closely, but trust me on this one, he categorizes things to save time and money and you can do the same thing as you finalize your shopping this holiday season.

Happy shopping!


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