Self-Care During Your Mid-Winter Staycation

Self-Care During Your Mid-Winter Staycation

With winter in full swing all across the country and large portions of the country under a deep freeze, including Texas, who wouldn't want to try to get away to a tropical destination.  We know we would like to, but this year that is just not possible.  With COVID restrictions still in place, we're throwing out the idea of sipping pina coladas poolside and settling for a mid-winter staycation.

A staycation can be a wonderful way to get in all of the self-care things that you have been letting slide as life has gotten busy over the last year.  Taking time away from your computer and away from your work can be just what you need to spark the kind of self-care that will sustain you until the warmer months.

Here are the things we're doing on our mid-winter staycation to make sure our self-care needs are met.

1. Scheduling alone time.  Oh we know, alone time shouldn't be something you have to schedule, but these days it is.  With crowded homes full of students and working from home parents, finding that quiet time to yourself can be a challenge.  Take your staycation and let your housemates know that you are not available for anything during that time.  Finding a quiet spot for you is one thing that will go a mile in helping you survive the winter months.  

2. Reinvest yourself in your skincare routine.  As days get busy and nights get long we have a tendency to let our skincare routine slip and only do the bare minimum to keep our skin glowing, but this will do you a disservice.  Your skin is one of your most important assets and you need to treat it that way.  Plus, is there ever a better feeling then having just exfoliated and feeling like you can tackle the world?

3. Get outside.  We know the winter months can be brutally cold, but getting outside is one of the best things you can do for your mental health and with the added time of a staycation you can take the time you need to prepare to bundle up and dress appropriately for an afternoon of fun in the snow or hiking in the woods.  Reconnecting with nature will help keep you connected to the "real world" instead of the virtual connections we're all being forced to make these days.

Whatever you do for self care make sure you take time for it, especially if you're able to "escape" for a staycation this winter.  You may be tempted to make it all about everyone else around you, but if you don't take care of yourself first you'll never be your best self to help the ones you love.

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