Sticking To Your Skincare Resolutions While Traveling

Sticking To Your Skincare Resolutions While Traveling

It's generally right around this time of the year that people who made resolutions at the start of the year start to slow down and lose momentum.  Going to the gym gets a little bit harder.  Eating right seems unattainable.  Staying organized is just a dream at this point.

It doesn't have to be this way.  Resolutions are made to be kept, not broken.

Sticking with resolutions can be relatively easy when you're in your daily routine, but what about when you step outside of your comfort zone and are on the road traveling?  Whether you're off on a business trip, headed to a wedding, or globe trotting to see the world, traveling can make sticking to your resolutions a little bit harder.

Fear not, there is good news on the horizon.  If your resolution was to keep your skincare routine in tact, we've got the perfect way to do it, even if you're traveling.

Here are a few steps to stay in your routine and stick to your skincare resolutions, even when you're traveling.

Step 1: Start with a plan.  Let's say you battle parched skin the most important part of your routine is a daily moisturizer, so make sure it's in your travel plans.

Step 2: Leave yourself time.  If you're flying, time has a tendency to get tight.   If you leave yourself plenty of time on your travel days you won't have to rush to grab your Uber and miss the critical points of your skincare routine.

Step 3: Pack light.  You may not have room to pack every component of your skincare routine, so you'll need to make some choices.  Prioritize your skins needs and only bring what you need.  For instance, you might not need to bring InstantPeel with you if you're able to exfoliate immediately before and after your trip.

Sticking to your skincare resolutions can be tough, especially if you're traveling, but these few steps will help you stay ahead of the game and not be a statistic of someone who didn't stick to his/her resolution.

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