The 3 Things You Must Do For Your Skincare Routine

The 3 Things You Must Do For Your Skincare Routine

Whether you're rolling out of bed with a deadline ahead of you for work or getting home from a long day at the office, a skincare routine is important.  If you don't have a routine, you're likely not going to stick to it and you won't see the benefits of a quality, routine for your skin.

Like any type of routine, to be successful, a skincare routine needs a few constants that will allow you to stick to it and maintain it's effectiveness.  If you do not stick to a routine you will not see the benefits and any efforts you do make will end up being in vein.

So, when you're starting out on your journey of skin revitalization you should always start with the following three things;

1.) Set a time: You may not be able to walk through your regimen at the same time to the minute each day, but you can set a specific point in the day when you will follow your routine.  For instance, you might say, before I hop in the shower each morning I will take care of my skin.  This will always give you a point in the day during which you will be able to count on to get your routine taken care of.

2.) Use the same location every day: In all likelihood this will end up being a place where you already do much of your hygiene.  For instance, in front of your vanity mirror may be the perfect place.  In order to keep the routine going and working for you, you want to avoid doing it on the go and not focusing on it.  Running into the kitchen to make breakfast while also using a vegan daily facial cleanser may throw your routine way off.  

3.) Celebrate results:  This might be one that you are tempted to skip over, but in reality noticing and commenting on your own skin is one way you can keep calm and skincare on.  If you're consistent with your routine you might get others to comment on how fresh and young your skin looks and if they do you might as well throw yourself a party because it's WORKING!!

The biggest key to a skincare routine is the word ROUTINE.  If you can do all of your cleansing at the same time, in the same place, everyday, you'll be celebrating your results sooner then you might think.

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