The Calmest Places To Practice Yoga

The Calmest Places To Practice Yoga

In some parts of the country, yoga studios are starting to open back up and welcome their guests into the peaceful embrace of a familiar space.  In other parts of the country, yogis are still waiting.  Wherever you are, practicing yoga doesn't need to be in a studio, it can be wherever you feel comfortable and at peace.

The best thing about staying home and staying safe is that it has forced all of us to get creative.  With yoga it can be hard, considering a quiet place in a houseful of people might be tricky to find.  That's why we've created this list for you to practice yoga, at a social distance, in a calm way that let's you get the full benefit of your time.

  • Your backyard: Whether you live in the city and only have a balcony to practice upon or you live in a sprawling rural location where you can't see your neighbors home, your backyard can be the most peaceful and calming place you will find.  It is away from all of the noise in your home and allows you to commune with nature which is one of the most calming things you can do.
  • A local park: As long as you can maintain your social distance, most local parks are open and available for you to spread out your yoga mat and get into the down dog position.
  • By a body of water: There is virtually nothing more calming and relaxing then practicing yoga with the sound of water lapping along the shore.  There is something rejuvenating about being by the water and if you're lucky enough to live near a beach, yoga on the beach is so calming.
  • With a friend: Yoga can certainly be a socially distant activity even when practicing it with a friend.  Wherever you decide to settle in to a yoga session with a friend it will bring calm to your life.

Practicing yoga can be something that really sets your mind right and gives your body the oxygen it needs to reduce stress and encourage a peaceful mindset.  Finding a calm place to do it can be tricky when you're stuck at home with your loved ones, but it is so important to work it into your routine to keep your center.

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