The Essentials For Your Warm Weather Winter Getaway

The Essentials For Your Warm Weather Winter Getaway

Sometimes the only thing that makes the cold weather bearable is looking forward to your warm weather winter getaway.  Frigid temperatures will soon give way to sandy beaches and swaying palm trees.  You'll be leaving your worries behind, just don't leave your skin out in the cold.

Your warm weather winter getaway is the perfect excuse to let your skincare routine slide, but do this at your own peril.  If you do not take care of moisturizing your skin while you're on vacation when you get home you'll be playing catch up and we all know how the harsh winter weather can do serious damage to your skin throughout the winter months.

Now the question is how to bring your skincare routine with you.  Adding items to your luggage is really not an option because then you've got to worry about the weight of your bags going through airport security.   We've got good news, your essentials are the perfect size for a winter getaway.

You'll need to following to take your skincare routine with you:

1.) Vegan Daily Facial Cleanser:  When you buy the smaller size, the additional 3 oz. bottle will fit nicely into your carry on without pushing your suitcase over the weight limit and you'll be able to use the minute you land.

2.) Moisturizer: This element of your skincare routine packs a powerful punch and will also not weigh you down on your trip.  Moisturizing your skin is equally important if it's facing harsh winter weather or the hot sun of your tropical destination.  At just 1.7 oz. you have room in your carry on.

3.) Eye Cream: You're supposed to come home looking relaxed and refreshed and nothing will ruin that look then having droopy bags under your eyes.  The good news is, one of our eye creams will also fit perfectly into your carry on.  

Bring these three items with you on your warm weather winter vacation and you've only added 6 oz. of weight to your carry on, but a week's worth of perfect skin that will last long after you are bundled back up in your goose down jacket.

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