The Fall Foliage Hunter's Guide To Skincare

The Fall Foliage Hunter's Guide To Skincare

There is nothing quite like the sites and sounds of autumn.  With cool air blowing through your hair, taking in the bright reds and yellows, the most vibrant colors Mother Nature has to offer will leave you breathless and wanting more.  

If you're setting out on a road trip to look at fall foliage there are some things you can do, believe it or not, to take care of your skin the autumn air.

1. Pack the right snacks.  Sure you could stop off at a local restaurant for some delicious food, but likely all that grease that you're going to find in a restaurant lunch is not going to be great for your skin.  You can pack delicious fruits and vegetables that will leave your skin glowing when you return home.

2. Don't forget to bring the water.  Water bottles are a must on your journey to spot the most stunning colors of the season.  If everyone has their own water bottle you'll stay hydrated and won't have to stop off for a sugary drink.

3. Get out and look around.  Yes driving will let you cover more ground, but getting out and taking a stroll in the cool autumn air will improve your blood flow which is always good to keep your skin looking healthy and alive.

4. After you get home use our vegan daily facial cleanser to wash away any dirt or grime you might have picked up along the way.  This should be a part of your daily skincare routine already, but if it is not, start on the day you found all of the wonderful foliage.

Your skin may not be top of mind when you're heading out for a fall foliage getaway, but if you make a few small adjustments to your trip you can make it helpful to your skin and not harmful.

Snap some pictures along the way and shoot them over to use @ and you might be featured on our blog.

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