The Fireplace Is Cozy, But It May Be Hurting Your Skin

The Fireplace Is Cozy, But It May Be Hurting Your Skin

There isn't anything much better then sitting in front of a cozy fire with a cup of tea and a good book.  The crackling of the fire and the glow of the flames is enough to soothe your mind into believing the chill of the air outside won't be so bad.  

It is all good until you get ready for bed that night and realize the dry air of the fireplace has done it's work on your skin.  Your face is now feeling parched.  This isn't what you had hoped for when you sat down to enjoy the warmth of the fire.

The good news is that while a fireplace can dry out your skin, a good skincare routine can protect you from this happening and also help you recover if it does.  The critical element for your skincare routine is, of course, your moisturizer.  A good moisturizer can help prevent parched skin and keep your skin glowing even after you've left the glow of the fire.

Our moisturizers are not only specially formulated for your particular skin type, but they are also gentle and thick so that they are absorbed into your skin instead of adding a layer to your skin that ends up looking like residue and not doing much of anything to help the underlying problem of parched skin.

Next time you're sitting by the fire and enjoying yourself, just keep in mind that you could be doing some short term damage to your skin.  If you have a great skincare routine you'll be just fine.




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