The Kids Are Back At School, It's Time To Pamper Yourself

The Kids Are Back At School, It's Time To Pamper Yourself

Congratulations Mom you made it!  Summer of 2021 came and went and now the school year has begun.  Maybe your kids weren't even in school in 2020 in-person so the fall of 2021 marks the first time your little rascals have been out of your site in over two years.  WOAH...what a feat.  

Here at Earthen Skincare we salute you and the hard work of having your kids at home while also working and trying to educate and entertain these little ones 24/7.  It was no small accomplishment and our fingers and toes are crossed that this is the last time you have to pull double duty of mom and teacher while also working a full-time job.  You are remarkable.

Now that you have a few minutes to catch your breath it's time to turn the focus to you.  When you are focused on others all the time, there isn't any time in your day to focus on you, but we want to change all that.  

The good news is that after the kids are off at school and you're through your final Zoom meeting of the day, this skincare routine can be soothing and relaxing while also still only taking 30-minutes to refresh your outer glow.  

We want you to start with a warm shower where you will use our best seller InstantPeel to exfoliate your face.  Don't worry there are no harsh chemicals that you often find in exfoliants so you'll be able to face your family when they get home and they won't think you burned your face on the stove.  

Once you get out of the shower we know that you've likely been missing out on moisturizing your skin regularly, so we've got you covered there too.  Whether you have oily skin or dry skin, we have a moisturizer for you to use.  This wonderful addition to your skincare routine is smooth and creamy and will last a long time because it is thick and absorbs right into your skin immediately without leaving any residue behind.

We hope you're now feeling relaxed and there is just one more thing you can do to add the perfect finishing touch and that is to take care of that skin around your eyes that you've been neglecting for the last few years.  Use one of our eye treatments depending on your needs and you can be sure you'll be looking your best in no time.

When the big yellow school bus pulls up to drop your kids off from their day at school you'll feel like a new mom and be ready to go to work as MOM and we'll keep your little secret of how you can do it and still have such youthful looking skin so effortlessly.  


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