There Are Benefits To Your Skin From Gardening

There Are Benefits To Your Skin From Gardening

When the flowers start popping up through the your garden, the weeds will follow.  The spring brings a time of regrowth and rebirth to your garden and if you're into spending time in your garden you may not know it, but you could be benefiting your skin at the same time.

Imagine you get to the end of your spring gardening season and you are not only basking in the glory of your beautiful trimmed hedges, stunning flower blossoms, and a new glow about your skin.  It can happen and it will happen if you truly put your mind to your garden, your skin will follow.

While the simple act of gardening may not be the cure all for your skin woes, being outside is the one thing that will have unending benefits for your skin.  Some of the following results will come from your time outside in your garden making your flowers grow;

1.) Increased collagen production 

2.) More production of seebum

3.) Allows for health skin turnover

4.) Opens your pores and allows your skin to breathe easier

Sure you can get these benefits from going outside and sitting on a park bench on a beautiful spring afternoon, but who wants to do that when you could be in your garden creating something beautiful and magical while at the same time making sure your skin is glowing as the summer months approach.

Creating a good skincare routine along with an active lifestyle will keep you happy and healthy for many years to come.  If gardening is a part of your active lifestyle, lucky you, along with beautiful, radiant skin, you will have a stunning garden for all passers-by to envy.

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