These Fruits Can Be Highly Effective At Keeping Your Skin Glowing

These Fruits Can Be Highly Effective At Keeping Your Skin Glowing

There is nothing more enticing then a piece of freshly picked juicy fruit in the summer.  A visit to the local farmer's market will open you up to some of the yummiest treats you can find AND many of those fruits can be good for your skin.  What is better then a tasty treat that can help your skin look glowing?

Magic they are not, but these fruits will certainly tickle your taste buds and add a shine to your skin that will last all summer long.  Some of our favorites include;

  • Papaya.  One of the most delicious ways to keep your skin hydrated is having a healthy dose of papaya in your diet.
  • Lemons.  The Vitamin C in lemons can do wonders for reducing signs of aging and the appearance of scarring.  We love a tall glass of freshly squeezed lemonade in the summer, what a great way to get your Vitamin C.
  • Watermelon.  The MOST refreshing way to keep you skin hydrated and add even more Vitamin C to your healthy diet is a sweet piece of watermelon.  Slice after slice, this fruit will leave your skin with a new found glow.
  • Pineapple.  Our prickly on the outside, juicy and delicious on the inside friend is packed with vitamins including A, K, and C which all contribute to clear healthy looking skin.

Who's ready for a fruit salad now?  

The summer is the best time to eat all the fresh fruit you can find and not only does it all taste simply amazing it also has incredible healing powers that will leave you feeling refreshed and satisfied.  This summer, don't skip the fruit, load up on it.  Your body and your skin will thank you for it.

 courtesy of @MariaMenunos 

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