These Three Summer Activities Are Great For Your Skin

These Three Summer Activities Are Great For Your Skin

Summer is in full swing and the beaches are starting to fill up with people looking to get that golden brown tan that will last them through Labor Day weekend.  It's a time honored tradition here in the United States of people rushing out to get the perfect tan, but it is also shown to be quite damaging to your skin.

There is good news though as the calendar flips to summer and we start to get out and about more and more frequently, sunbathing and tanning are not the only two summer activities we love and combined with a good skincare routine there are activities that we can do all summer long that are actually great for our skin and can keep us smiling like we're a kid again.

While there are many summer activities you can do away from the beach, we're going to focus on those activities that you can do at the beach so you can use them as an alternative to sunbathing and still make the most out of your summer.  Don't forget that anytime you're going to be in the sun for long stretches of time the healthy thing to do is wear sunscreen with a high SPF to keep your skin protected and avoid sun damage.

This summer when you hit the beach, here are the three things we recommend you do instead of sunbathing to keep your skin healthy and your body active.

1. Kayaking.  It takes an extra step or two to get a kayak on the roof of your car or head to the local rental shop to rent a good kayak, but it is one of the best things you can do for your skin.  Hop in your kayak and get those arms moving and those lungs pumping good oxygen through your body.  This brand of physical activity can be equal parts relaxing and energizing.  

2.  Swimming.  This one takes a lot less effort, but it does require you to stay focused.  You're not hoping in the water to cool off from a day of sunbathing, you're in it to get your body moving and your blood circulating.  If you're lucky enough to live near a body of salt water you are in luck because not only is the exercise good, but the salt water also detoxes your skin and helps your skin retain moisture.

3. Skip rocks.  An age old pastime that we recommend doing with your son, daughter, or grandchild.  There is no greater joy then seeing the face of a child light up after they've made their rock skip across the water many times over.  This isn't the best exercise you'll get all summer, but the joy it will bring you is a perfect de-stresser which is incredibly powerful for good skin health.

Spending your summer at the beach can be bad for your skin, but if you pick the right activities it can also be quite good for your skin.  Match up these activities with the perfect skincare routine and you'll be well on your way to a successful summer with glowing and healthy skin.  

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