Three Back To School Skincare Essentials For Your College Bound Student

Three Back To School Skincare Essentials For Your College Bound Student

With some colleges across the country planning to bring their students back for the 2020-2021 school year in spite of the global pandemic, there are some essentials your students will need to head back to school.  This back to school shopping year will be a little different then in past years.  

If you're student is living in the dorm or even off-campus, he/she will need the standard fair like linens, hangars, towels, and new clothes.  He/she will also need some new items to help them keep looking and feeling their best.  This includes some skincare essentials that may not have been on the list in past years.

Here are three items that you will want to get now to send your college student off to their new life in a time of COVID-19.

  1. Masks: This will be the newest fashion statement they can make with the added benefit of keeping them healthy.  Given the rate at which college students do laundry, we recommend sending them with at least 10 masks for the first semester.
  2. Vegan Daily Face Cleanser: Whether your student suffers from maskne or not, they are still going to need to keep their skin cleansed each and every day and night.  Without a good quality face cleanser skin issues can pop up and present a problem.
  3. A good exfoliant: With an easy to use, safe, and effective exfolliant your college student will be able to take care of his/her skin easily in the dorm without having to battle chemical peels that are damaging to their skin.

With these skincare essentials your college student will be heading back to school with the perfect outfits, the perfect room decor, and the perfect skincare to make their time at school, as unusual as it may be this year, a little bit more special.

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