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Three Damaging Habits To Break For Eye Health

Posted by Skincare Blogger on
Three Damaging Habits To Break For Eye Health

Our vision is one of our most important senses.  If you couldn't see you wouldn't be able to see your newly born niece smiling for the first time, the gorgeous colors of a rainbow, or the road ahead.  This is why taking care of your eyes is so important to your overall health.

Whether you have 20/20 vision or have been wearing contacts since the age of 9 it is critical to break some bad habits that many of us have as we work to improve our eye health.  The interesting thing about some of these habits is that you wouldn't ordinarily think about them and trying to change your behavior as they don't initially seem damaging to your eyes, but over time they can cause real harm.

  1. Stop rubbing your eyes hard.  Consistently rubbing your eyes can be damaging to your cornea over the long term and lead to eye pain, sensitivity to light, and worsening eyesight over time.
  2. Using red eye reducing drops.  The way the medicine works in these eye drops provides temporary relief for redness, but when the redness returns it comes back in an even more pronounced way.  If you have consistent redness you should get your eyes checked by a medical professional.
  3. You don't give your eyes a break from screen time.  Screen time can be damaging to our health for a variety of reasons, but one main reason is the blue light that radiates from the screens that we stare at all day.  Using devices for prolonged periods of time can lead to long-term damage.  Give your eyes a break throughout the day to prevent this.
Above are some don'ts for your eye care, but here is a do.  Do treat the skin under your eye with an eye cream that is sensitive enough to handle that gentle area of skin.  If you're using something that is too overpowering you could damage the skin around your eyes as well, permanently.

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